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We offer membership levels to individuals, students and businesses.  Please read below to learn more about our membership levels and apply with the form below or contact us at   Membership dues cover a full 12 month period.


We are also open to alliances with other non-profits, eg. other national Chambers in the Texas region, other Polish-American organizations, etc. If your non-profit organization is interested in working with us, please contact us directly.

2019 Membership Levels.png

Membership Application

Next Steps 


Payment Information

Once your application has been reviewed and accepted, one of our

staff will contact you to arrange payment of the membership dues. 


Please Note:

Receipts will be issued.

No refunds.

All memberships are for 12 calendar months

and dues cannot be paid in installments.

Please note that we are a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization and therefore

your membership dues payments are not tax deductable per IRS rules.

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